City Clerks Office

The City Clerk serves as the Administrator of the City. The City Clerk is responsible for implementing the policies, resolutions and ordinances adopted by the governing body of the City which is the City Council. The City Clerk is also responsible for preparing the annual budget and its implementation following the approval of the City Council. The City Clerk is responsible for all City staff, departments and activities. The City Clerk reports to the City Council. Clerk also serves as the City Records Officer as well as the Secretary to the Civil Service Commission and Health Board.

The City Clerk’s Office is also responsible for the following information:

Right to Know Act
All requests for review and/or duplication of public records shall be submitted to the City in writing. Use the City’s printable form for all requests.

Health Permits
Phone: 724-285-1337

Tag Days
Should your group or organization wish to solicit funds in front of a City business, you will need to contact the City Clerk’s Office for availability of the date and for a permit as well as contact the business(es) you wish to solicit in front of.
For your convenience you can download
this form after securing your date. Please return the completed form to the City Clerk’s office for final approval.

Dennis F. Scarpiniti, City Clerk
Phone: 724-337-4523
Fax: 724-337-6911

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday