Public Works

The City of New Kensington employs a public works superintendent and has full-time employees. They maintain the City’s roads and maintenance, storm sewer work, street signs, mowing, winter snow and ice removal, general equipment maintenance and parks and recreation facilities. Complaints received by the Public Works Department are prioritized by the superintendent, although emergencies are handled immediately

Problem?  Silent Complaint Form

Storm water is water from precipitation that flows across the ground and pavement into drains on the street when it rains, snows and ice melts. Storm water only becomes a problem when it picks up debris, chemicals, dirt and pollutants and carries it into the drains.  This causes flooding, pollution and increased spending for the City as well as more expensive treatment to remove the pollutants.
Help control Storm Water Pollution NOW by…..
*Properly disposing of hazardous substances…
never pour them in the storm sewer system
*Picking up after pets and disposing of their waste properly
*Storing potential storm sewer pollutants indoors
and using rust free containers outdoors
*Reporting discharges from storm water outfalls during dry weather
*Using pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides properly to prevent excess runoff