2016 Recycling Guide  RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING  (downloadable copy)

Under the State’s Solid Waste and Recycling Law, Act 101, and the City’s Recycling Ordinance No. 4-90, all residential and commercial premises within the City of New Kensington are required by law to comply to the separation of recyclables from garbage and rubbish in order to facilitate collection and encourage recycling.
Yellow bins are available at no charge in City Hall for residential recycling as well as smaller commercial establishments.
Larger commercial establishments should contact a recycling hauler, keeping record of pick up amounts for reporting to the City.

Bear in mind that Ordinance 4-90 has attached penalties for the the violation and conviction thereof.
Please feel free to call City Hall at 724-337-4523 with any questions with regard to recycling.

PAPER RETRIEVER BINS are now available for paper recycling behind the
City Garage on Stevenson Blvd.
The following items
SHOULD be placed in these bins:
newspaper & inserts, magazines/catalogs, office/school papers, paperback books,
workbooks and window envelopes

The following items SHOULD NOT be placed in these bins:
Plastic, cardboard, food boxes, fiberboard, chipboard,
hard cover books & textbooks, phone books

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